Trilogy Hair


Art Director


When I’m asked what I do for a living, I say ‘ I get paid to talk all day’…. I can honestly say I have loved my job from 1999 when I had sore hands from cleaning and washing hair as an apprentice, to teaching the latest trends in salons, stage work or managing our team. I still have the same passion to create beautiful looks to compliment my clients, so everyone sitting in my chair leaves with a smile. Over the years I have been on courses and seminars for every aspect of hairdressing and barbering, but I still get excited when attending anything to do with our industry. I find hairdressers are always happy people to be around. (We couldn’t do our job if we were introverts!)

Trilogy is a perfect blend of  myself and Gill. I feel I’m the louder, colourful, extravert of the duo.

I am qualified in many different aspects of hairdressing, I specialize in hair up, crops and creative colour.

I just love it when clients feel relaxed around me; it’s such a privilege to be allowed into someone’s private space. Whether they are in a good place or have just revived terrible news, I don’t judge or discriminate. I only want you to feel as amazing inside and out.

At Trilogy we train our staff ourselves to ensure consistency and a high standard level. Only the best is good enough!